Conversion App for Space Parameters

CASP App is a MATLAB based Free software tool that is Powered by CubeSat Wizard App. This is a complimentary App provided by the CubeSat Wizard Team to facilitate the work for ADCS users working on Low Earth Orbit (LEO) CubeSat missions.

CASP App is an essential tool for Engineers working on Attitude Determination and Control Systems. The App helps to convert Space Parameters from one Attitude Representation to another. Following is the list of all the conversions performed by the CASP App.

  • Direction Cosine Matrix <—> Quaternion
  • Direction Cosine Matrix <—> Euler Angles
  • Quaternion <—> Euler Angles

*All the conversion algorithms in CASP App are validated and tested.

Download Here:

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The developers of this App are not liable for any external use of generated data.